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Old 03-09-2016, 01:34 PM
pissingmark pissingmark is offline
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Default Wrong topic titles/content

Hello Guys (and girls ),

First of all i want to thank the owners for this great forum, where i do my best to contribute as much as i can. Though there is something that annoys me, and what i would like to get off my chest. Especially now that there is a request to contribute (financially) to the site.

I noticed that in quite some topics (in pissing, as that is my section)the content does not meet the topic title, or the other way around.

First of all this forum is called the amateur voyeur forum, but it seems that there is loads of professional content. I'm on an amateur forum because i do not really like the professional (mostly) indoor bullshit.

Then second, why is there stuff in some topics that in no way meets the topic title, or the other wat around why are there so many topic titles that do not describe the contents?

For example why are there guys in the Lesbian pissing topic, why is there indoor professional stuff in an outdoor voyeur topic, "Brave GIRLS peeing in PUBLIC places" with the last pages only indoor, with again guys pissing and stuff like that?

Also there a lot of topics which can be anything: "pissing girls", "Pissing forever", "girls are peeing", "just pissing girls", "peeing girls" and so on.

As i say i tried to conribute to the site, in topics that fit my video's (CCTV for example) to hear that those video's were already posted elsewhere on the forum. How am i supposed to know? Dig through endless topics with endless random posts?

I really love this forum, though i barely go through any other then my about 5 standard topics. Just because in those 5 topics the posts meet the topic title, while in the others there's no clue what to expect there...

I hope that this post isn't seen as just bitching, as again: i love this forum. Though i think that it could be waaaaaay better
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Old 03-09-2016, 05:03 PM
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Once time again. The forum is free and have no aggressive advertising. The forum bring you tons of original and exclusive content. In many cases the new content on the Internet.

Here's a another problem. We need 400 euro for new 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSD Drive for our server. Current 500 GB SSD disk is full and space will be finished within 2 months. We should upgrade the storage or remove old content from forum.

So guys, please support forum with purchasing of premium accounts. It help forum to run longer. We need to collect 400 EURO ASAP.

There the link:

Observer - the Admin of Amateur Voyeur forum.
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