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FAQ and posting rules, Content removal requests

Welcome to Amateur & Voyeur forum.

Name of our forum tell you all, but anyway please read these simply rules of posting and avoid to be banned on the forum.

1. If you want to post, please choose the correct forum and keep all posts on-topic.

Read how to do posts here >>>

2. Please do not post photos and videos featuring just men. Some special oriented web forums exist for men erotic. We prefer an amateur women or pairs.

3. Please do not upload to forum the content from paysites. If you want to share similar content, please use third party web sites.

4. Please do not attach to the forum a watermarked or copyrighted content. If you want to share similar content, please use third party web sites.

5. Do NOT post illegal stuff to the forum.
Here's list of ILLEGAL stuff:

- personal details of models (real name, passport and driver ID, Social network accounts, Emails, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and similar accounts, phone numbers and other information which allow to identify person in real life).
- revenge porn, doxing. Our site cannot be used for any personal revenge scenarios. Do not attach to forum images/videos or do not post links to other sites contain revenge porn.
- underage (naked, dressed or breed feeding) photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content, all persons must be over 18 year old.
- bestiality photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- scat photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- rape photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- IP addresses (include NAT and FTP servers) and GEO targeted stuff.
- Requests with access to password protected albums, accounts, etc.
- Backdoors to password protected albums.
- Advertising of escort services.
- Advertising of prostitution and human trafficking.

This kind of material is strictly forbidden!

6. Please do not post aggressive, abusive, insulting, rude, trolling posts against other members of forum. This forum is not a fight arena, please respect other members who post here.

7. Please report any SPAM, rude, abusive, illegal post, post with empty content or dead links by pressing report post button. You can find report post button in the right corner of each post. It's looks like X. Reported posts will be removed from the forum as soon as possible.

8. Do NOT post SPAM.

9. No SPAM of your own website in message signature.

The members are responsible for all materials posted and uploaded to the forum.

Special information for mass posters:

10. Please read the list of allowed file hostings.
List of allowed file hostings is here >>>
11. We accept only direct links to file hostings. Please avoid to use CODE tag in your post. Please avoid to use redirect services or links to own websites who make redirects.
12. All posters should read private messages from ADMINS of forum.
13. Please avoid to use automatic posting software.
14. Please do not flood forum by your posts. Not more than 10 posts per day are allowed.

Content/account removal requests:
If you want remove content that you posted to the forum, or you want to remove your account, you can send the request via contact form located at the follow URL:
Content removal request

If you found some hosted on this website or linked on other sites content that infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send a notice about removal request of your content. Please read our DMCA page here:
DMCA information page
Observer - the Admin of Amateur Voyeur forum.

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