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Premium and Gold accounts

We glad to introduce our new Premium account.

A special action - 1 YEAR premium account to Amateur Voyeur Forum.


Downloading/watching of 100 videos/ZIP archives attached to forum per DAY.
No advertising.
Special area for premium members. (soon)

How to get it?

Buy a 90 DAYS (Cool quarterly) - 41.95 USD (not another) premium account to k2s or fileboom
and get 1 YEAR PREMIUM ACCOUNT to Amateur Voyeur Forum.
Buy a 30 DAYS - 16.95 USD (not another) premium account to k2s or fileboom
and get 3 MONTHS PREMIUM ACCOUNT to Amateur Voyeur Forum.

Please use only these links anyway the purchase will not count and we will not setup your premium.

to at this link - >

or at this link - >

After the payment please send a private message with your nick name fileboom or keep2share to Observer

Or use our contact form to Send message with Premium account activation request

We will check your purchase and will activate your Premium account to Amateur Voyeur Forum as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours).

ps. Do not see the links on K2S or Fileboom? Turn off your AD-BLOCKING software !!!

pss. Please do not contact us, if you bought K2S or Fileboom premium account somewhere else. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Gold member account for contributors:

If you made 100+ quality posts you can get the GOLD status.


Unlimited downloading/watching of attachments.
No advertising.
Special area for gold members.

How to become a Gold member? It's easy! Just become an active contributor, make 100+ posts with interesting new amateur or voyeur content (you should attach photos, videos of ZIP archives to forum) or make 100+ posts with finds of new amateur voyeur albums with erotic pictures from google picasa, flickr, rajce and similar sites and get this status!

We add Gold member status manually. If you made 100+ interesting posts just send me private mail and i will review and change your account status on the forum.

ps. I do not add Gold member status to users who trying to make money on forum (users who posting links to file sharing sites). Sorry guys, you make the money.

pps. Please do not SPAM forum with old finds within a short time period. We can't process your request in this case. You must be registered on the forum for the long time (2-3 months at least) and prove quality new content.

Observer - the Admin of Amateur Voyeur forum.

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