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12-27-2009 until 12-26-2029
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Permitted File and Picture Hosting Services! Read it before you post! UPDATED 12/04/2018!!!

!!! NEW RULES SINCE 12 APRIL 2018 !!!

This information concerns all users of a forum who place photo and video archives on third-party resources (file sharing services and file hostings).

If you want to share archive with amateur or voyeur content stored on the other website please read :


After long research and testing we are selected follow file hosting services:

- ( - not a classic file sharing service, you do not need upload files here, you just need to share the links,
- (
- (, (extreme, pissing/peeing content aren't allowed)
- (,
- (,
- (,
- ( (extreme, pissing/peeing content aren't allowed)


Now we have no limitation on the Image Hosting Services. Recommended Image Hosting Services:


3. Attention to the new posters! We aren't approve your posts in automatic mode. You should make 10 posts and send private message with approval request to the admin of the forum. Your posts will appear on the forum only after approving!

4. We interested in NEW and ORIGINAL content with amateur performers. Especially we interested in your self-made voyeur, amateur videos and photos. We are not interested in pay site content with major porn stars or DVD-RIPs. No pro performers!

5. Please do not run automatically posting software before your posts aren't approved. Your posts may be moved to spam and account may be blocked.

6. Make your posts only to the thematic thread. Messages posted in wrong threads will be deleted.

Terms of posting.

1. No SPAM of your own website in message signature.
2. We accept only direct links to file hostings. Please avoid to use CODE tag in your post. Please avoid to use redirect services or links to own websites with redirects.
3. All posters should read private messages from ADMINS of forum.
4. Please avoid to use automatically posting software.
5. Please do not flood forum by your posts. Not more than 10 posts per day are allowed.
Observer - the Admin of Amateur Voyeur forum.

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