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Default Fat Unaware Wife

She's mortified by the thought of anyone seeing her nude, other than me. Would most certainly kick me out if she had any idea these pics of her fat ass and nice tits were online. She's in her 50s, those tits are usually under a heavy sweater or shirt. She hates bras and won't wear them.

I'd love to know what you think of her, good or bad comments are welcome. If you like her let me know. If you are willing to do a tribute pic of her I'd definitely be interested. I have lots more plus video if anyone is interested in trading.
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Just a bit of further information on the pics I posted above.

1. One of two where I almost got caught.I take a lot of shots with a small Fujifilm camera sitting in the watch pocket of my jeans. She saw the camera and asked the question in the caption. I answered that I was about to take a few shots of the dog.

2. This one was VERY close. I had a small camcorder which I'd hidden in various places, most of the time in plain sight. This time I had told her the cam was having an issue and that I'd read on the internet that if you sat it in a hot, steamy bathroom it could fix the issue. I placed the cam on the counter and got the entire shower. As she was drying off she looked over and apparently FINALLY wised up. She looked at the cam and said, "If you are going to do that, ask. Ask permission." She finished drying and covered the cam with her shirt. I thought about mentioning it, but decided that she would likely say no anyway.

3. Cam was sitting on my desk, where it stayed almost all the time, often on and recording. One of the few times I've convinced her to leave the lights on while we have sex. Thought this still was just very nice.

4. God, I love those tits.

5. An older shot. Just after an afternoon fuck. She said, "If you are going to look at my ass, you'd better do it now." My reply? "Oh, Believe me I'm enjoying the view."

6. She got an important phone call while in the shower.

7. We had a vacation cabin, a small trailer. This place was a voyeur paradise. This time, camcorder was sitting on a shelf.

8. Any time we were at the cabin the camcorder was sitting on the charger, pointed at the bathroom door. Easy for me to reach over and turn it on. She would often stick her head out of the bathroom door to look at the TV. And sometimes, more than her head would stick out.

9. We were talking while she was drying off. The camcorder was literally in my right hand, running and pointed right at her. Not a clue.

10. One other feature of the cabin was a hole in the wall behind the toilet that was PERFECT for a hidden cam. This shot was from the cam in that position.

I have much more to post. If you like the pics and/or the comments, let me know. If you don't, let me know that too.
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nice body, would love to see more
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she has nice tits
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Old 11-15-2013, 03:17 PM
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Any chance we can see a video of her?
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bbw, fat, voyeur

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