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Old 10-26-2009, 10:09 AM
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Exclamation Change rooms, Shower rooms and dressing rooms SECTION RULES (list of forbidden stuff)

In this thread we collect photos and videos of amateur girls changing their clothes. Change rooms, dressing rooms, pools. Naked and self naked shots of girls and women caught when they change the clothes.

If you want to place photo or serial of photos (up to 10 photos per one post), please use attachment option in each post and upload your photos on the forum.

If you want to place video, you must to do screenshot before. Videos without screenshot are not allowed.
Please make screenshot and upload it and video by using of attachment option.

You can upload ZIP or RAR collection of photos of videos. If you want to uploads ZIPs or RARs you must describe content of archive file and put 1-2 samples of content. If you want to upload video to this forum, please pack it by ZIP or RAR archiver and upload as ZIP or RAR archive.

Do NOT post illegal stuff to the forum.
Here's list of ILLEGAL stuff:

- personal details of models (real name, passport and driver ID, social network accounts, emails and phones and other information which allow to identify person in real life).
- revenge porn our site cannot be used for any personal revenge scenarios. Do not attach to forum images/videos or do not post links to other sites contain revenge porn. If you want to post photos/videos of your EX please be sure that she allow it.
- underage (naked, dressed or breed feeding) photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content, all persons must be over 18 year old.
- bestiality photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- scat photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- rape photos, videos and/or links on other sites contain similar content.
- advertising of escort services.
- advertising of prostitution and human trafficking.

Illegal material is strictly forbidden. Users who post underage, bestiality, scat or rape pictures or movies will be banned automatically and without notification.

All persons on your photos or videos must be over 18 years old. If you did not know age, please avoid to post it.

DO not post photos and videos that are watermarked with another website's URL.

Please avoid to post duplicate material. Please looks threads before your post.

We prefer your original finds. Do not copy pictures and movies from other forums and paysites.

Links on other sites are forbidden for this thread. If you want to post link on YOUTUBE, Rapidshare, web albums, etc, please use forum "Found on the web".
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